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When Rob and Mark shared their first detention together in 1992 it became clear the two would become lifelong friends. Careers as lumberjacks for the Forestry Commission compounded their friendship further but as with most inquisitive youths, travelling took hold of them both. Mark wandered around in his flip-flops looking for flavours and inspiration in India and Tibet while Rob surfed some of Australia’s best breaks in an old Toyota Hi-Ace.
Juice from the Noose Per Litre

Core Cider Menu

  • Suicyder, Juice from the Noose
  • Moustache Mango, Mango Hard or Mango Home
  • Unshaven Maiden, Hunt for the Cherried Treasure
  • Swallows Rest, Let Sleeping Birds Lie
  • Tank Slapper, Get A Wobble On
  • Pink Fluffer, Candy Floss Cider
  • Shakey Todd, A happy accident
Juice from the Noose Per Litre

Seasonal Cider Menu

  • Santa Cyder, Keeping Noses Rosy ho ho ho
  • Suicyder Super Strength
  • Agent Orange, Guest Orange & Grapefruit Cider

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A couple of weddings and children later and the boys still find time to get up to mischief, this time as the Bearded Brewery Company – brewers of fine Cornish Cider and original birthplace of ‘Suicyder – Juice from the Noose.’

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Born from a desire to be self-sufficient, the boys realised they had an exceptional product even after the first demijohn and began to steadily increase their brewing potential. A few cider festivals later and the Bearded Brewery Co. has begun to make a bit of a name for itself with biker boy branding and a distinct no frills attitude.


Tresawle Farm, Saint Mawgan, Cornwall, TR8 4DZ

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